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Nach 5 Jahren präsentieren STILL PATIENT? ihr neues Album LOVE AND RITES OF RAGE.


Der Titel lässt die thematische Auseinandersetzung der Songs erahnen: Liebe, Schmerz und Melancholie wurden in guter alter Gothic Rock Manier vertont.


Dieses Album geht zurück zu den musikalischen Wurzeln der seit 1988 bestehenden Band, eine Rückbesinnung zu Melodien und Atmosphären, die man nach den Veröffentlichungen der letzten Jahre so nicht erwarten würde - mal kraftvoll und mitreißend, mal ruhig und dunkel.


Ein Album mit 13 Songs, die alle Spielarten des Genres vereinen.

 SEIT 16. JUNI 2023 





Still Patient? have managed to write an album full of tracks that are just crying out to be heard on a fog filled dancefloor. 'Rites of Rage' and 'Firefly' are classic Still Patient?, dark, brooding and everything you'd expect from a band of this calibre, and the sooner I hear 'Looking Glass' played loud over a big sounds system the better! 

Martin Oldgoth - Mondlicht (London), thirteen13 livestreams)

Since the SP? comeback, certainly the most homogeneous and coherent album for me, which also skilfully and tastefully bridges the gap between tradition and modernity.

Thomas Thyssen (Music Manager, DJ, Promoter, Author)

On their eighth studio album LOVE AND RITES OF RAGE, the German goth rockers from STILL PATIENT? go back to the glorious times of this genre.

The album starts with an opulent, almost four-minute intro called "The Beginning", which I could very well imagine as an intro for live gigs. The 11 actual album tracks (none of them shorter than 5 minutes!) are a great mixture of what this band does best: beautiful, often quite catchy songs, both potential club hits and ballad-like songs with solid guitar and bass work, paired with Andy's characteristic vocals. At the same time, the album seems to be cast in one piece, but by no means boring. And "Afterglow" also features a guest appearance by Minu-Schirin Samimi (Delta Komplex) on vocals. The album is rounded off by a beautiful, good 3 minute long outro called "The End. All in all, the four guys impressively prove that they are definitely still a force to be reckoned with.

DJ Cyberpagan (messthetics,

A very well produced gothic rock record that doesn't seem dusty and whose tracks you haven't heard a thousand times from other combos.
I don't call Andy Koa one of the most charismatic gothic rock voices of the present time without reason. Musically, I find the album absolutely successful. Here an adult voice meets excellent bass work, clean synths, paired with proper drums and well-tuned goth guitars.
With an average of 5 to 6 minute tracks, Love and Rites of Rage is not an album to snack on in between. You should take your time for this one.
It's not so easy to define play tips, because I actually like all tracks very much and the complete album contains no gap fillers in my opinion. Well done!
However, if you had to push someone with little time into the album, then I would recommend one of the following tracks as a play tip: Bitter Sweet and Afterglow (feat. Minu-Schirin Samimi).

Nino Sable (aeon sable)

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Zum ersten Mal überhaupt hat STILL PATIENT? ein Album auf Vinyl veröffentlicht.
Limitiert auf 199 Exemplare, rotes Vinyl, signierter Texteinleger, Postkarte und Aufkleber.

CD Album Version

Vinyl Version

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